The Benefits of PhoneGap development

To remain competitive it has become increasingly important to develop a business mobile app. And to achieve this purpose it is important to choose the right solution. There are many frameworks that are specifically created for a particular environment. As it is getting increasingly important to consider a dispersed user base, single platform apps can no longer serve the purpose. The biggest advantage of cross-platform mobile app is that you can reach a wider audience, boost market potential of the mobile app making marketing very easy and cost effective.


PhoneGap by Adobe is the best answer. 



It's an open source mobile application development framework, best suitable for hybrid app development. Owned by Adobe, this platform allows

-          Developers to create apps on technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and etc.

-          Enhanced efficiency, better experience, and improved collaborations are just some of the benefits of using PhoneGap.

-          Apps created using PhoneGap can be easily integrated with all or any mobile platform – iOS, Android, Window Phone, Windows, Firefox OS, Blackberry, etc.

-          Provides uniform user experience on multiple platforms; avoiding differences in the look and feel of the app across platforms

-          It allows the app to go native and access device level features like camera, accelerometer, geo-location, etc.

Let us understand how PhoneGap always manage to keep ahead of other framework:

You don’t have to be a pro: this is an easy to learn framework; complicated language coding is not required while using this PhoneGap.


Minimum efforts required: various libraries are integrated with this framework to enhance the application’s functionalities. It also supports a plug-in architecture model and a powerful backend system thereby saving development time.



Ease of installation and distribution:  every app developed from PhoneGap can be easily installed across all mobile platforms and facilitating easy distribution and marketing of the applications.


Low cost: logical and same time implementation of the developed app across multiple platforms saves a lot of money. It offers flexibility and outstanding usage leading to higher returns on investment.


Easy data collection: this framework comes with robust plugins to collect valuable data. Collection of data is very important to understand audience behavior and track their interaction with the app. Such data helps the companies to take smart decisions that prove to be beneficial for their business.



The PhoneGap forum and community continuously assembles new modules and codes for better development. It empowers developers to create outstanding apps equipped with innovative features in minimal time. We, at Ssquare interactive, have an experienced team of developers adopting this framework, keeping in mind your business needs and app requirements. 

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