Build A Mobile App Through Phonegap Development Tool

Over the years mobile apps have brought remarkable growth in business operations and customer services. Through mobile apps, companies can easily reach their customers and provide relevant information – real-time and on demand, thus creating a fluid user experience which is the key to success. 

With the growth in technology, building a mobile app is no more a hurricane task. The latest trend in this segment is the emergence of cross-platform single mobile application. Gone are the days when an app was solely catering to either an iOS or Android platform. Today, we have an open source framework called PhoneGap, to develop a mobile application for use across various platforms; developed through simple technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


Developed, owned and managed by Adobe Systems, this hybrid platform mobile app development framework can be easily customized and packaged as per individual preferences. At Ssquares Interactive, we have a team of developers and experts, knowledgeable in PhoneGap development tool, thereby providing a vast range of services, catering to various industry verticals.


A little more insight on this amazing technology


PhoneGap is an open source platform having amazing capabilities. First, a developer with HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge can easily use this platform to create an app. Next, PhoneGap supports a wide variety of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows 8, Symbian and Tizen. 

A single coded mobile app for multiple platforms

More delightful features are:

-          It has a strong and robust backend system

-          Using this platform proves to be economical

-          It saves development time

-          Seamless integration with third-party API

-          Comes with plugins to support various hardware functionalities like camera, accelerometer, etc.


Yes, it is easy to create an app but you require a professional to give you a quality product. We are a leading PhoneGap development solution company for many reasons.


-          Rigorous testing and successful porting of the applications across platforms

-          Complete transparency during development

-          Round the clock technical support

-          Adhering to compliances and standards.



We know every business has its own needs and audiences, contact us to devise a package that addresses your concerns in affordable ways. 

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