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There is a smartphone app for any possible task you can think off. To reach out to mass audience and make your presence felt globally, many enterprises have developed smartphone apps. Are you looking to develop a mobile app for increasing your market presence? Search no further, choose PhoneGap to develop highly effective mobile apps.

PhoneGap is an open source framework developed by Adobe systems to build cross-platform mobile applications. The mobile app developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating out of the box and robust apps. PhoneGap removes the uses of other complex languages such as iOS Objective C and others, thereby making it easier and more accessible. PhoneGap apps are functional and compatible across iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. and thus, mobile app can be experienced by a larger audience.

Developing Mobile apps, the PhoneGap Way



PhoneGap allows the developers to build hybrid applications for all mobile devices. The PhoneGap application interface provides the developer with specific mobile features like: Geo location features, Accelerometer features, Sound enhancements etc. Its native WebView helps the developer to create high-performance apps on PhoneGap and make them work on numerous mobile platforms. 

Why PhoneGap?

  • PhoneGap is far better than any other platforms as it empowers the mobile app designers to support native features and functionality in the app. 
  • It enables the developers to upload the data contents on website. Then it automatically converts the data into different App files. 
  • It is a free open source
  • Mobile apps developed using PhoneGap are compatible with several operating systems
  • Develop mobile apps quickly thereby cutting down development time and cost
  • Reuses existing and proven technologies to create user-friendly mobile apps



PhoneGap applications can help you enhance your business and reach millions of users all over the world using mobile devices. Develop a fully functional and robust mobile app using the expert PhoneGap developers team of SSquare Interactive.


Why hire Ssquare Interactive?

·        Skilled, experienced and dedicated PhoneGap development team

·        Customize PhoneGap Apps as per your business needs

·        Uses proven methodology as well as latest technology while developing apps

·        Highly reliable and offers best pricing in the industry

·        100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed


·        Provides around the clock Support and timely updates

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